Exceeds industry standard of 60,000 psi. Maximator® ball check valves prevent reverse flow where bubble tight shutoff is not mandatory.

These check valves are designed with a ball cradled floating poppet to assure positive inline seating. This poppet design allows full flow around the ball to minimize pressure drop. Check valves are rated to 660ºF. All check valves are supplied with glands and collars. These check valves are not to be used as a relief device.

Body, cover, poppet, cover gland: 316 series stainless steel
Ball and spring: 300 series stainless steel
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Item #

Connection Type

Orifice Size

Flow Value (Cv)

Dimension A (Hex.)

Dimension B

65BC4H N/A 4HF N/A 0.094 in N/A 0.15 N/A 1.19 in N/A 3.40 in
65BC6H N/A 6HF N/A 0.125 in N/A 0.28 N/A 1.19 in N/A 3.81 in
65BC9H N/A 9HF N/A 0.188 in N/A 0.63 N/A 1.63 in N/A 4.61 in
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