Maximator® Sour-Gas Male x Female Adapters are available from MAXPRO®.
Unit of Measure

Pressure Series

N/A Male High

Male Connection Tube Size A

N/A 1/4 in

Male Connection Type A


Maximum Pressure

N/A 10,000 psi
Female Connection Tube Size B1 N/A 1/2 in

Female Connection Type B



N/A Find the male connection you want on the adapter in the "A" column and the female connection of the adapter in the "B" column. At the intersection of the two columns is the appropriate catalog number.

Terms and Conditions

N/A All general terms and conditions of sale, including limitations of our liability, apply to all products and services sold.
  • 1 The pressure rating of any adapter is the value of the lowest rated connection in the fitting.