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  • coning-threading-machine

    The Maxpro Coning and Threading Machine is the fastest and easiest to use within the industry, watch the video below. With just a short tutorial, your operators can quickly cone and thread your tubing, efficiently keeping your manufacturing processes up and running.

    Cone tubes and nipples from 1/4" to 1/2" using different coning and threading tool packages. Easy and successful coning and threading on Autofrettage Tubing as well as HP160 material used in the high pressure food processing industry (our part number 101TU6U-160 - 3/8" tubing or 101TU9U-160 - 9/16" tubing).

  • Tube-Bender-Photo

    Hinged top for fast and easy die changes Friction Free bending Heavy duty & high quality for a lifetime of service

  • Coning and Threading Tool Kits

    MAXPRO® offers a complete line of coning and threading tool kits for manually coning and threading 1/4" O.D. to 9/16" O.D. tubing.
    There are three different tool kit versions, the "Medium" pressure, "High" pressure, and the "Complete Kit" that contains both the Medium and the High Pressure tools. All kits are conveniently packaged in a sturdy hand carry tool case with removable top tray. The unique coning and threading tool designs allows for interchange ability between components, eliminating multiple tool inventories.

  • Coning Tool

    The coning tool comes complete with blades, collet and tools. The blades and tool feed nut allow the user to control the cutting feed rate and face the end of the tube when complete. The blades and collet can be changed for other sizes, while using the same base tool

  • Threading Tool

    The threading tool comes complete with the threading die and bushing. The thread is a left hand type. The thread die and bushing can be changed for other sizes, while using the same base tool.

  • Reseating Tool

    The reseating tool is designed to rework an existing damaged coned and threaded connection without full disassembly of the component. The reseating tool will resurface the sealing surfaces of the medium, high, and Ultra-High pressure connections up to 9/16" tubing.

  • Deburring Tools

    The deburring tool is designed to remove the metal burr on the inside diameter of the tubing after the cutting process. The reseating tool will work on all medium, high, and Ultra-High pressure connections up to 9/16" tubing

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