Our line of Maximator® Ultra-High pressure tubing is designed to withstand pressures up to 100,000 psi. This cold-drawn, thick wall, stainless steel tubing is made under strict manufacturing and quality control standards and inspections, with dimensional tolerances to match the requirements of the Ultra-High pressure coned and threaded connections.

We offer Ultra-High pressure tubing in outside diameters of 1/4 ", 3/8 " or 9/16 " with flow areas to compliment our line of Ultra-High pressure valves and fittings.

Made from HP160 stainless steel, other materials may be provided on special request, depending on the specific material, diameters and lengths.
Unit of Measure

Tube Material

N/A HP160

Fits Connection Type


Tube O.D.

N/A 3/8 in

Tube Inside Diameter (I.D.)

N/A 0.125 in

Tubing Tolerances

N/A 0.365 in0.370 in

Working Pressure at -325 to 100 Degree Fahrenheit (ºF) Temperature

N/A 101,000 psi

Working Pressure at 200 Degree Fahrenheit (ºF) Temperature

N/A 82,600 psi

Working Pressure at 400 Degree Fahrenheit (ºF) Temperature

N/A 72,600 psi

Working Pressure at 600 Degree Fahrenheit (ºF) Temperature

N/A 66,500 psi

Working Pressure at 800 Degree Fahrenheit (ºF) Temperature

N/A 61,500 psi