Available in 2-way Straight, 2-way Angle or 3-way/2 on Pressure styles, Maximator® Ultra-High Pressure Needle Valves are rated to 101,000 psi, exceeding the industry standard of 100,000 psi.

Our stainless steel needle valves feature metal-to-metal seating which achieves bubble-tight shut off and longer stem and seat life with greater durability for repeated open and close cycles.

Additionally, our ultra pressure valves offer a rising, non-rotating stem design, excellent corrosion resistance, and vee type stem tips.

Standard valves are supplied with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/Carbon packing and may be operated to 450 F. For operation temperatures above this, contact a MAXPRO® representative for specialty packing options.

MAXPRO® offers a complete line of ultra pressure components, including tubing, fittings and nipples.
Unit of Measure

Valve Series

N/A 1 Ultra-High Pressure Valves

Valve Pattern

N/A 2-Way Angle

Stem Type

N/A VEE Stem

Tube O.D.

N/A 3/8 in

Orifice Size

N/A 0.062 in

Dimension A

N/A 6.18 in

Dimension B

N/A 2.99 in

Dimension C

N/A 1.44 in

Dimension D

N/A 0.33 in

Dimension E

N/A 0.35 in

Dimension F

N/A 1.97 in

Dimension H

N/A 3.94 in

Dimension I

N/A 1.50 in

Dimension J

N/A 2.28 in

Dimension K

N/A 0.51 in

Panel Mounting Screw

N/A 10-24 UNC

Valve Panel Hole

N/A 1.12 in

Block Thickness

N/A 1.26 in

Pressure Rating

N/A 101,000 psi

Temperature Range

N/A Standard valves are supplied with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/Carbon packing