• coning-threading-machine

    The Maxpro Coning and Threading Machine is the fastest and easiest to use within the industry, watch the video below. With just a short tutorial, your operators can quickly cone and thread your tubing, efficiently keeping your manufacturing processes up and running.

    Cone tubes and nipples from 1/4" to 1/2" using different coning and threading tool packages. Easy and successful coning and threading on Autofrettage Tubing as well as HP160 material used in the high pressure food processing industry (our part number 101TU6U-160 - 3/8" tubing or 101TU9U-160 - 9/16" tubing).

  • rental-hydrostatic-test-cube

    Many applications for high pressure hydrostatic testing are present in business and industry today. Pressure testing of pipes, hoses, and valves certifies them for service or recertifies them after they have been repaired.

    Research and Lab Facilities, pressure testing facilities and others use rental hydrostatic testing equipment when the need for the equipment is temporary, or if they want to try the equipment before committing to purchase. Often facilities rent equipment while their current pressure test system is down for maintenance. Click here to see some of our videos on Hydrostatic Testing equipment.

  • MTNB10-15-75

    Rent this portable Gas Booster System - Includes air control package, pressure switch, gauges, vent valve, safety relief valve and the booster in a convenient PelicanĀ® case. Watch a video on the operation of these units here.

    These small footprint units are used for on-site gas pressurization and commissioning (proof testing) of plumbing. Commonly referred to as "bootstraps," these systems are used for charging accumulators and gas struts.