• Air Pilot Switch

    • Can be used to shut off Maximator® pumps, air amplifiers and gas boosters, with pilot ports, by controlling the pneumatic signal to the air pilot line. Allows the pump, amplifier or booster to operate at maximum air drive pressure, achieving the desired outlet pressure as rapidly as possible with little overshoot.
    • Ideal for use as an on/off control device for air operated actuators and pilot operated valves in process control applications.
    • Replaces electrical switches in hazardous liquid or gas services.
    • Precise and repeatable control of outlet pressure.
    • Senses gas or liquid pressures.
    • Externally adjustable under pressure.
    • Reliable and easy to install.

  • High Pressure Adjustable Relief Valves

    Adjustable Pressures from 1,000 to 66,000 PSI

    MT10RV, MT25RV, and MT66RV High Pressure Adjustable Relief Valves

    • Gas or liquid
    • Stainless steel
    • Externally adjustable
    • Can be mounted in line
    • Factory pressure setting available
    • Preset and locked cracking pressure "-L"
    Relief valves are designed to protect systems and components against over-pressure both for gas and liquid high pressure systems.

  • High Pressure Data Logger

    Maxpro Technologies introduces an electronic pressure logger to simplify the recording of testing data.

    The unit is designed to digitally record pressure during tests, complementing Maxpro pump and booster packaged power systems as well as other types of power systems.

    • High pressure loggers are useful in any industry that has need for an easy, accurate way to record pressure tests.
    • The complete Pressure Logger comes with a pressure transducer, 2 pre-formatted jump drives and instructions, including step by step instructions on how to create customized test reports.

  • Air Control Packages - AC

    Consisting of a filter, regulator with gauge, shut-off valve and required fittings.

  • 10_15_30 Gallon Air Tanks

    Carbon Steel, ASME Certified

  • Dry Air Spool

    Available from MAXPRO®, Maximator® offers a spool seal option for use with dry air or nitrogen and other server operating conditions

    For severe duty service

    In applications where very dry air or nitrogen is used to drive Maximator® pumps or boosters there is a new spool seal option available to provide longer duty between maintenance.

    This Dry Air Spool (DAS) option should be considered for extreme operating conditions involving air or gas drive mediums below 0ºF. dew point, and similarly, very cold climate applications (-40ºC).

    This new design can be retrofitted to existing pumps and boosters as it only involves the spool, spool sleeve, and seals. The spool block rains the same. be sure to use an appropriate tool to pull the spool sleeve Minimum air drive with this option is 30 psig.

    To order with a pump simply add - DAS to model number. To retrofit to an existing pump, order "Dry Air Spool" and specify the pump model and serial number.

  • Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

    • Accuracy within ± 0.5% of full range
    • All gauges are panel mount style
    • AISI 316 Stainless Steel Case
    • 316 Stainless Steel wetted parts
    • Laminated safety glass lens
    • Gauges come standard with blow-out relief grommet
    • Gauges are glycerin filled when shipped

  • 1.4 Gallon Reservoir with Handle

    Stainless Steel

  • Pump Cycle Counter

    To order: add suffix to pump PN e.g.. PP012-CCW

  • Gas Receivers

    Alloy Steel with nickel plating, double ended 1/4" high pressure inlet/outlet connections.

  • Timer Device

    This timer provides a method to alternate demands on dual pump, booster or air amplifier applications when the equipment is in continuous duty.
    The timer allows the two units to alternate by cycling on/off every 20-30 minutes. This will extend the life of the equipment by letting the units cool between service cycles. The timer device includes:

    • NEMA 12 enclosure (4 x 6 x 4) with timer, on/off switch, 8’ power cord (120 VAC), two 8’ solenoid cables
    • Two 1/4" normally closed solenoids, 120 VAC
    • Necessary fittings to install the solenoids into the pilot lines of the pumps, boosters or amplifiers.

  • MT-LUBR Grease

    POLYLUB GA 352 P is an aluminum complex thickened with grease incorporating a semi synthetic base oil. This special grease shows good adhesion as well as excellent resistance to cold and hot water. It has been authorized by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for use as USDA H2 lubricant in the food-processing industry.

    POLYLUB GA 352 is used for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings, racks, cylinder guides, pneumatic cylinders, load rollers and slideways.

    POLYLUB GA 352 is sold in a 1 kg can (Part Number 3999.0151) or a 0.5 ounce cup (Part Number MT-LUBR). The 0.5 ounce cup is sufficient for one to two complete rebuilds.