MAXIMATOR® offers a line of cold drawn thick wall tubing, with flow areas to compliment the ultra high pressure valve and fitting line. This tubing is made under strict manufacturing and quality control standards and inspections, with dimensional tolerances to match the requirements of the ultra high pressure coned and threaded connections. The standard material is 316 stainless steel.
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Item #

Tube Material

Connection Type

O.D. Tube

I.D. Tube

Tubing Tolerances

Working Pressure (at -325 to 100°F)

Working Pressure (at 200°F)

Working Pressure (at 400°F)

Working Pressure (at 600°F)

Working Pressure (at 800°F)

N/A 316SS N/A 5UF N/A 5/16 in N/A 0.062 in N/A 0.310/0.306 in N/A 152000 psi N/A 136800 psi N/A 126160 psi N/A 115520 psi N/A 109440 psi
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