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Exceeds industry standard of 60,000 psi. MAXIMATOR safety head assemblies are used to provide over-pressure protection to high pressure systems. These safety head assemblies are to be used with the appropriate 1/4" angular rupture disc listed on the Rupture Disk web page.
Safety Head Assembly
Safety Head Assembly
Unit of Measure

Item #

Body Torque

Dimension A

Dimension B

Dimension C

Dimension D

Dimension E

65SH4H N/A 25 lb·ft N/A 1.06 in N/A 0.88 in N/A 2.57 in N/A 0.083 in N/A 0.25 in
65SH6H N/A 50 lb·ft N/A 1.06 in N/A 0.88 in N/A 2.54 in N/A 0.125 in N/A 0.25 in
65SH9H N/A 110 lb·ft N/A 1.19 in N/A 0.88 in N/A 2.48 in N/A 0.188 in N/A 0.25 in
Unit of Measure