The reseating tool is designed to rework an existing damaged coned and threaded connection without full disassembly of the component. The reseating tool will resurface the sealing surfaces of the medium, high, and ultra high pressure connections up to 9/16" tubing.
Unit of Measure

Tubing Size (O.D. x I.D.)

N/A 3/8 x 0.125 in

Pressure Rating @ RT

N/A 65000 psi

Connection Type


Replacement Bushing Part Number

N/A 1700.0718

Replacement Cutter Part Number

N/A 3781.0645

Replacement Gland Part Number

N/A 3781.0646

Replacement Part Information

N/A Bushing Replacement Part (1700.0718) Cutter Replacement Part (3781.0645) Gland Replacement Part (3781.0646) Reseating Tool (RT6H)

Maximator Tools

N/A MAXIMATOR offers tools for coning and threading tubing up to 9/16" O.D. These are precise tools that allow manual coning and threading of medium, high, and ultra high pressure tubing.

Maximator Manufacturing

N/A MAXIMATOR offers manual Coning and Threading tools that are designed to prepare accurate tubing ends to accept the medium, high and ultra pressure connections.

Tools and Installation

  • Manual Coning and Threading Coning tools are designed to thread up to 9/16" OD tubing
  • One size Coning and Threading tool with interchangeable bushings and thread dies eliminates multiple tool inventories
  • Internal needle bearings and high strength materials offers ease of operation and extended tool life
  • Coning blades are designed to cut both the angle and straight areas to insure good concentricity between the sealing surfaces
  • Precision Reseating Tools to repair damaged female high pressure connections without full disassembly of components


N/A Offers a complete line of manual tools for the proper preparation of medium, high and ultra high pressure connections to 9/16" OD tubing.


N/A When selecting multiple items, the pressure rating would be that of the lowest rated component.

Terms and Conditions

N/A All general terms and conditions of sale, including limitations of our liability, apply to all products and services sold
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