MAXIMATOR low temperature valves with metal to metal seats have a high level of safety and reliability under adverse operating conditions. These valves may be used both with gases and liquids. Traceability is ensured through extensively documented data (batch number, maximum pressure, material number, type designation). All valves include glands and collars.
Unit of Measure

Stem Type

N/A Vee stem

O.D. Tube

N/A 1/4 in

Body Pattern

N/A Two-way straight

Option Available

N/A Low Temperature option with extended stuffing box

Connection Type

N/A 4M

Temperature Ranges

N/A The Low Temperature Valves contain an extended stuffing box with Teflon packing and cryogenic trim material for line temperatures to -423 ° F. The extended packing area is raised away from the pressure stream and is limited to -100 ° F. The Low Temperature Valves are recommended for vertical installation only.

Repair Kits

N/A Consult your MAXPRO representative for repair kits and valve bodies. Refer to the Tools and Installation section for proper maintenance procedures.


N/A Ordering numbers for all valves can be found in our catalog or on our website, Add the suffix -LT to the part number to choose the valves created to combat harsh, low temperature environments.
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