• Hydrostatic testing
  • Cycle/fatigue testing
  • Burst testing
  • Leak Testing
MAXPRO test benches are designed for durability, ease of use and accessibility. These test benches can be equipped for use with oil, water, air, gas or any combination of test medium. The same test bench could be set up for hydrostatic testing with water and/or leak testing with gas.
MAXPRO test benches can be provided with manual control or push button PLC control to handle your specific application
Test chambers can be included and can be horizontal or vertical. When specifying a test bench that is to include a test chamber with a windowed door, please specify the required chamber size.

Pump Skids
If you are interested in a PPO Series Pump, please consider our compact, complete Pump Skids

Unit of Measure


N/A A- Air to 5,000 psi maximum G- Gas to 36,000 psi maximum N- None- for second service O- Oil W- Water

Max. Required Pressure

N/A 05 to 5000 psi10 to 10000 psi15 to 15000 psi20 to 20000 psi30 to 30000 psi60 to 60000 psi

Max. available air pressure

N/A 100 psi120 psi145 psi25 psi50 psi

Pump Type

N/A L- Water Pumps N- None

Air Amplifier

N/A DLA- 5:1 and 15:1 Amplifiers GPLV- 2:1 Amplifier N- None

Gas Booster

N/A DLE- Gas Booster N- None


N/A M - Manual R - Push Button

Option Available

N/A DP - Digital pressure indicator PI - Peak pressure indicator Rl - Remote operating isolation valve RS - Remote operating pump shut-off valve RV - Remote operating vent valve T - Pressure transducer specify 0-1OV or 4-20 ma output


N/A The photos and ordering information are shown to indicate capabilities and options. Each system is custom designed to meet specific operating requirements.