• Compact, complete packaged systems
  • Standard powder coated or stainless steel frame
Pump skids are compact systems with most components mounted within the boundaries of the frame. The systems can be built for water or oil service and have a control panel to contain all gauges and valves. A variety of pressure ranges and flows are available, for testing components, ranging from 500 psi to 60000 psi. These systems can be supplied with a reservoir or a city water valved inlet. Reservoirs come with a fill/breather cap, liquid level sight gauge and drain connection.

Pump Skids
If you are interested in a PPO Series Pump, please consider our compact, complete Pump Skids

Unit of Measure


N/A O- Oil W- Water

Max. Required Pressure

N/A 01 to 1000 psi03 to 3000 psi05 to 5000 psi10 to 10000 psi15 to 15000 psi20 to 20000 psi30 to 30000 psi60 to 60000 psi

Max. available air pressure

N/A 100 psi120 psi145 psi25 psi50 psi

Pump Type

N/A GX- Water L- Water LO- Oil PP- Water PPO- Oil S- Oil


N/A 2G - 2 Gallon Stainless Steel 8G- 8 Gallon Stainless Steel N- None

Option Available

N/A ACC - Accumulator DG - Dual Guages DV - Directional Control Valve RD - Relief Valve