The MAXPRO® Power Cube is designed for quick, convenient, and accurate hydrostatic testing on the spot. It features large dual pumps, no-nonsense control panel, and high flow, all in a rugged stainless compact design at low cost. All that's needed is a compressed air supply and water source, and testing that "has to get done right now."

This test system is popular in the shale gas industry for the recertification of Frac Iron for shale gas wells.


Rugged stainless steel frame and panel

Dual stainless steel pumps

Low pressure/high flow pump

High pressure top off final pressure pump

Wide pressure range 400-30,000 psi

High flow stainless steel outlet plumbing

Easy to use control panel with schematic

Portable at 115 pounds!

Full size water filtration package with shut-off

Full size air filtration for added reliability
    Pressure port for auxiliary pressure devices
Dimensions: 20" H x 18" D x 17" W

Optional Accessories:
    Isolation valve package
    Pressure logger/110V/50Hz
    Circular chart recorder
    Hoses, QD's, adapters

Pump Skids
If you are interested in a PPO Series Pump, please consider our compact, complete Pump Skids

Unit of Measure

Max. available air pressure

N/A 100 psi120 psi145 psi25 psi50 psi