• How a pump works

    The following list of applications are assisted by the addition of air driven liquid pumps and liquid pump systems:

    • Ink, dye, resin and paint manufacturing: hydraulic pressure for filter presses
    • Water treatment: hydraulic pressure for filter presses
    • Carbon, graphite and powder metal manufacturing: pumps for cold isostatic pressing
    • Machine shops: hydraulic vice and fixture clamping
    • Machine shops: high pressure coolant and lube pumps
    • Pipe, hose and PVC manufacturing: hydrostatic working pressure and burst testing
    • Valve manufacturers: leak and stretch hydro testing
    • Power plants, chemical plants, paper mills: hydraulic valve actuators
    • Mining: hydraulic wall and roof supports
    • Power plants: post repair hydrostatic testing of steam and water lines
    • Oil & gas: pumps for hydraulic wellhead contols
    • Oil & gas: bolt and stud tensioners for pipe and valve flange connections
    • Oil & gas: hydrostatic test systems for well head equipment, pipe & hose
    • Power plants: oil pump units for turbine journal lift systems
    • Tire manufacturing: hydraulic press clamping
    • German built gear boxes and machine transmissions: high pressure lube and re-circ pumps
    • Hydraulic pressure for filter presses

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