• Hydraulic Driven Intensifiers

    Maxpro® hydraulic driven, multimedia intensifiers are a great way to increase the pressure of liquids or gases when compressed air is not available or is not the preferred power source. Maxpro® hydraulic intensifiers are both energy efficient and 100% duty rated. Dial in the intensifier for unmatched process control through the user-friendly touch screen interface.

    Is this machine part of a larger system? No problem, Maxpro® intensifiers are prewired to integrate with your existing process controls.

    Maxpro® intensifiers are fully capable of operating as a standalone piece of equipment complete with automated process controls and diagnostics for worry free operation. Maxpro® intensifiers come completely assembled, tested and ready to contribute to your productivity.


    • 7.5 HP multimedia intensifier suitable for liquids and inert gases
    • 5,000 psig maximum operating pressure
    • 7 inch touch screen for process optimization and real time digital read out
    • Variable outlet flow from 0-100% (Maximum flow rates are application specific)
    • 100% duty rated
    • Oil free non-lubricated pistons
    • Liquid cooled hydraulics and high pressure barrels
    • Simple design for ease of operation and maintenance

    Process Details
    • Single stage double acting intensifier
    • 33 in3 process displacement per cycle
    • 15 cycles per minute maximum
    • 5,000 psig maximum inlet and outlet pressures
    • 300 psig minimum inlet for gas compression
    • Hydraulic to process pressure ratio of 1:2
    • Process compression ratio 1:15
    • Stainless steel construction on components contacting process media

    Connection Details
    • 1/4" FNPT media inlet and outlet connections
    • 1/2" FNPT liquid coolant inlet and outlet connections
    • 230/460 3Ø 60 Hz nominal voltage (additional power options available)
    • 24 VDC isolated controls for machine integration