• Gas Booster Systems

    MAXPRO® gas booster systems provide a compact, portable source for increasing gas pressures. These air driven booster systems are shipped assembled and fully tested, ready for turn-key installation. As with standard boosters, the gas booster systems require no electrical power, providing safe and economical operation.
    Gas booster systems are capable of compressing most gases including nitrogen, argon, helium and hydrogen up to 20,000 psi. Systems featuring special seals and cleaning can pressurize oxygen to 5,000 psi. All MAXPRO systems for use with hazardous gases are modified to ensure vent ports are piped to a common vent connection.

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    Small, lightweight and economical, MAXPRO® oxygen gas booster packages are ideal for aircraft and bottle filling applications. Requires only an air source for power (70 psi minimum) and an oxygen supply bottle that can be used to as low as 100 psi. These booster packages will achieve 1,800 psi or 2,000 psi outlet pressures. Single and double acting boosters are available to meet flow rate requirements

    See the video of the Single Acting Oxygen Booster Package Machine in action here!

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    MAXPRO nitrogen gas booster packages offer an economical method of boosting nitrogen (or other select gases or air) gas pressure up to 4,400 psi. The package features a compact and lightweight arrangement that is turn-key and fully tested. No electrical power required, only a 75 psi shop air source is needed. Single and double acting boosters are available to meet flow rate requirements.

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    Our staff of fully trained engineers stands ready to help you choose the correct gas booster to meet your needs. The following list of applications are assisted by the addition of Gas Boosters and Gas Booster systems:

    • Aircraft ground support: oxygen bottle charging, nitrogen shock and tire pressurization
    • Automotive: air bag charging, brake, AC, and fuel system testing, H2 fuel cell charging, paint booth pressurization
    • Low pressure gas reclaim from storage bottles
    • Oxygen boosting
    • Gas pressure and leak testing
    • Chargin of accumulators
    • Boosting gas pressures from nitrogen or oxygen generators
    • Breathing air systems for scuba and fire department tanks
    • Leak detection systems
    • Low pressure autoclaving
    • Plastic injection molding: high pressure N2 for gas assist (hollow) parts
    • Commercial gas users and suppliers: boosting pressure of evaporated gas (from liquefied bulk storage)
    • Diesel manufacturers and service shops: fuel injection system pressure testing
    • Helium leak testing
    • Semiconductor manufacturing: cleaning with high pressure argon
    • Pharmaceutical: high pressure for product R & D
    • High pressure nitrogen for foaming and insulation manufacturing (electrical and thermal)
    •  Laser cutting machines: pressurizing nitrogen for mirror chambers
    • Spray metalizing: high pressure argon stream to prevent deposit oxidation
    • Scavenging / recovery of hazardous or expensive gasses (examples are argon, high purity helium, and SF6)
    • Stamping presses: nitrogen die cushions for deep drawing
    • Beverage producers: boosting N2 and CO2 pressure cartridges and cannisters
    • Paintball: Charging CO2 cartridges & cannisters

    Typical Gases are air, nitrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, neon, argon, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, ethylene and natural gas. 

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