• Coning Tool

    The coning tool comes complete with blades, collet and tools. The blades and tool feed nut allow the user to control the cutting feed rate and face the end of the tube when complete. The blades and collet can be changed for other sizes, while using the same base tool

  • Threading Tool

    The threading tool comes complete with the threading die and bushing. The thread is a left hand type. The thread die and bushing can be changed for other sizes, while using the same base tool

  • Reseating Tool

    The reseating tool is designed to rework an existing damaged coned and threaded connection without full disassembly of the component. The reseating tool will resurface the sealing surfaces of the medium, high, and ultra high pressure connections up to 9/16" tubing.

  • Deburring Tool

    The deburring tool is designed to remove the metal burr on the inside diameter of the tubing after the cutting process. The reseating tool will work on all medium, high, and ultra high pressure connections up to 9/16" tubing

  • Coning_and_Threading_Tool_Kit_copy-1-

    Maxpro offers a complete line of coning and threading tool kits for manually coning and threading 1/4" O.D. to 9/16" O.D. tubing.
    There are three different tool kit versions, the "Medium" pressure, "High" pressure, and the "Complete Kit" that contains both the Medium and the High Pressure tools. All items are conveniently packaged in a sturdy hand carry tool case with removable top tray. The unique coning and threading tool designs allows for interchange ability between components, eliminating multiple tool inventories.

  • Coning and Threading Machine

    The Coning and Threading Machine is mounted on an industrial duty mobile cart which offers convenient and generous tool storage and a large chip collection/cutting oil system.

    • Requires less operator training.
    • Overall operation time is faster than other competitive machines.
    • Selector knob allows the operator to “dial in” the tubing size to be coned and threaded. This automatically sets the correct thread length for faster set up. 
    • Coning blades are easily installed and manufactured from high quality hardened tool steel for long service life.
    • Both coning and threading are done in sequential operations controlled by the single lever with handwheel assist. No need to remove the tube for each operation once tightened into the collet.
    • Capable of 4” straight length coning and threading operation 1/4” OD thru 1” medium and high pressure tubing.
    • Die head resets automatically after threading during the full retract stroke
    • Safe operation - fully enclosed cabinet eliminates pinch points and the plexiglas cover protects the operator from cutting oil and metal chips.
    • Cutting oil is filtered and returned to reservoir
    • Removable chip drum for easy cleanup, with locking lid for secure, no mess shipping
    • Overall Dimensions 31” W x 19” D x 44” H.
    • Weight: 645 lbs. Shipping Weight: 847 lbs.
    • Available for lease or purchase

    See the video of the Coning and Threading Machine in action here!

  • Coning and Threading Machine
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